The Bitcoin Lottery

Raffle pot: 0.00000000 BTC / $0 USD

First Place

60% pot:

0.00000000 BTC
$0 USD

Second Place

20% pot:

0.00000000 BTC
$0 USD

Third Place

18% pot:

0.00000000 BTC
$0 USD

Raffle will run in:

How to play:

Scan the QR Code and send the amount you wish to buy in tickets.

There are 3 winning places, if you are one of them the funds will be sent to the address who bought the winner ticket.

Once the countdown goes to 0. The Satoshi's phantom will randomly choose the 1st, 2th and 3th place, sending the 60%, 20% and 18% of the collected funds respectively.

Good luck!


Ticket price
$63.73 USD / 0.01 BTC

Tickets sold until now: 0


  • It takes 3 confirmations to reflect the balance in the prizes.
  • Be sure to deposit exactly the ticket price or multiples of 0.01, if the amount is less the raffle will skip you and give your funds to the winners.
  • In case you win, the prize will be send to the address who bought the ticket, so be sure the bitcoin address is yours.
  • The winners are selected randomly using the api and everyone can verify them going to the hall of fame of the respective raffle.
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